Watch the Windows!

When you are taking pictures of a building at sunrise, sunset or after dark, pay special attention to the windows. Windows can really add to a shot at these times of day. There are two things I watch for:

1. Reflections of the sunrise or sunset in glass windows which are facing the sun
2. Background sky which can be seen through the windows

When I was in Iceland, I took a couple of shots within a few minutes of each other which illustrate what I’m talking about. First, check out the cool reflections of the sunset in the church windows in this first shot:

building,church,europe,fifty-four,highway 54,horizontal,hwy 54,iceland,north america,peninsula,red,route 54,seashore,shore,snæfellsnes,sunset,united states,water body,wes

Church on the Coast : Prints Available

Red and white coastal church with the beginning of a beautiful sunset overhead

The reflections really add some life to the picture and give the viewer something to look at. A few minutes later, I walked around to the other side of the church and took this second shot:

building,church,europe,fifty-four,highway 54,horizontal,hwy 54,iceland,north america,peninsula,red,route 54,seashore,shore,silhouette,snæfellsnes,sunset,united states,wat

Coastal Church Silhouette : Prints Available

Silhouette of a church on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in western Iceland

The church silhouette looks much more interesting with the sunset showing through the windows. I have also used this same approach in twilight shots of churches, barns and old buildings:

building,europe,horizontal,house,iceland,north america,peninsula,snæfellsnes,stone,united states,west,western,snæfellsnes

Old Stone House : Prints Available

Silhouette of an old house on the Snaefellsnes peninsula

The above picture works because of the sky showing through the windows. Otherwise, this would have been a tosser.

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