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For me, there is nothing better than packing up the camera gear and heading off to an amazing destination to photograph with others who share a passion for photography. It is no exaggeration to say that I am absolutely thrilled to announce a series of photography tours and workshops starting in late 2016 to some incredible destinations. Photo tours are fun, inspirational, challenging, rewarding, tiring and exhilarating all at the same time. My commitment to you is to work hard to get you to the great locations, to bring home the best images you can, and to help you improve your photography along the way. Although photography is the top priority, I also work hard to make sure the trip is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Why book with me? You have probably already looked over my galleries. However, in making a decision on a photo tour, you want to go with someone who has significant travel experience, the ability to teach and communicate well, and a strong commitment to making the tour a success. I’ve spent 25 years of my life traveling to more than 80 countries on 6 continents, generally arranging all of my own logistics. I’ve also spent time leading, teaching and training others during my 21-year career in international development. I go beyond just providing help with composition, but also spend considerable time demonstrating post-processing techniques. Come on a tour and there are no secrets to my processing work… I’ll teach you what I know and answer any questions you have, whether related to portraits, human element images, or landscapes.

I hope to see you on a tour soon! As always, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.



"This was a very well organized and well prepared workshop. It was the best workshop I have ever attended... I learned and experienced a great deal at this workshop, and completely enjoyed it. I plan to attend other workshops that they put on, independent or joint. My thanks to them for a very special experience and great memories."

- Barbara and Bill S.

"Seeing the aurora borealis in person has been a dream of mine for many years. The photography workshop I booked with Ken Koskela did not disappoint! Although there is no guarantee you will get to see them when you book a trip, Ken made sure we were positioned in beautiful locations during optimum times to give us the best possible opportunities to enjoy and photograph this remarkable phenomenon. I appreciate the hard work he put into scouting out excellent accommodations and wonderful locations to photograph the amazing landscape of the Lofoten Islands of Norway. I brushed off skills I hadn't used in years and, with Ken's help, was able to get some nice photographic memories from this fabulous trip. Thanks, Ken!"

- Diane L.

"After returning from the Canadian Rockies I can’t wait for another opportunity to participate in a workshop with Josh and Ken. Everything about the trip exceeded my expectations. The scenery was incredible and we were able to take full advantage of some of the best spots in Banff and Jasper. It was a great group of people and the leaders made time for everyone while addressing all the varying group interests including night photography and wildlife. Josh and Ken’s meticulous planning, good humor and high energy ensure that you will improve your skills and get some great shots in a fun and comfortable environment."

- Terry L.

"Our photography workshop in the Lofoten area in Norway was well prepared and organized. The selection of the various sites was based on previous experiences and the guidance was highly professional. Over and above the great fortunes of encountering a number of auroras, the personal guidance by our leaders both in the field and in close sessions deepened my knowledge and skills. I left the several days experience with a strong taste of “more”."

- Arye C.

"The Venice Carnival photo tour with Ken Koskela and Renee Doyle had so many rich photography opportunities! Both Ken and Renee care deeply about their clients and are always checking in with everyone to make sure they are receiving the maximum benefits from each shoot during the tour! They are so generous with their time, expertise and even equipment. I was awestruck with the fantastic locations (indoor and outdoor) they know in Venice, and the rich relationships they have with the costumed models. Our private shoots away from the crowds were literally chances of a lifetime to photograph in opulent surroundings with some of the most experienced and highly costumed people of Carnival. I came home with more great images than I could ever use, and even more importantly, the experience with Renee and Ken is something I will never forget."

- Dan L.

"We just returned from the Carnival in Venice trip 2017 led by Ken Koskela and Renee Doyle and it was the best photo trip we have ever been on. We have been on many photography trips around the world and this one was the best organized and learning experience ever. Ken and Renee were responsive from the first contact and after the trip ended. We have been on several trips where we came away thinking we just paid to give the leader a photo trip--not with Ken and Renee- they helped with camera settings -composition and lighting advice at every location. They had models programmed to meet with us at every location as well... We are already looking forward to our next trip with these two consummate fun to be with professionals."

- Ed and Bernadette S.

"Ken has a real gift for imparting his personal, superb photographic skills through inspiring, step by step disciplines that greatly assist in turning a vision of a scene into pixel reality. His mentoring is tops.... be it through the glass or in post processing, where I've come to value his workflow of additive incremental steps producing dramatic yet realistic results."

- Lou L.

"I had a great journey to Canada with Ken and Josh. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular there and that time of year is perfect. We had a fantastic group, and along with Ken and Josh's guidance, I came away with some killer photos and better yet some fantastic memories. I would re-visit this tour in the future, no doubt about it. The beauty there is amazing.

- Mark W.

"I just got back from an amazing Photo Workshop in Norway with Ken Koskela. He offers amazing trips and is there with you at every step helping you with settings, composition etc. All in addition to having scouted out the best places to get amazing photos and securing wonderful accommodations and restaurants. He takes care of everything from the time you get off the plane until you get back on. I hope to go on another trip with Ken soon!"

- Mary M.

"The experience gained on my trip was priceless as I learnt so much not just out on the shoots but in the photoshop sessions as well. We got to each location to shoot at the perfect time and thats because so much preparation has been taken to choose accommodation close to each location to cut on travelling time to maximise shooting time. They set the bar high and I can throughly recommend a workshop with them and I look forward to attending another one in the future."

- Jannene M.

"This was the 6th photo workshop I had been on. Hands down I thought it was the best. There were 5 or 6 participants and the great mentoring of two professionals. Josh and Ken’s priority was helping us with composition, finding great sites to photograph and help us with post processing. Their attitudes and pleasant dispositions were incredible. I’d strongly recommend a workshop with them."

- Jim B.

"This was my first workshop tour and it surpassed my expectations. I gained abundant knowledge from Ken & Rick in taking good photos, post processing techniques, landscape & portrait photography. Sometimes the weather was not so co-operative but we made it up by visiting homes of local families. There was never a dull moment. The tour operators (Mia & Andy) were superb in organizing the road trips and logistics. They were flawless and thought about every little thing including breakfast for us in the mountains. Thank you once again, it was a tour not to be forgotten!"

- Salim A.

"Guilin 2017 with Ken Koskela and Rick Sammon was an amazing experience. Going during the rainy season presents amazing mystical shooting opportunities. At the same time, the rainy season introduces unpredictability into the schedule. The team had plans for every eventuality and offered a full array of extraordinary shooting opportunities. The combination of landscape, street and portrait photography with a total cultural immersion places this trip at the top of my list of photography workshops. The team of Ken and Rick focused on ensuring that each participant was supported and helped us get our best shots while addressing every creature comfort."

- Linda M.

"My workshop with Ken Koskela in Venice was amazing. Having Ken and Renee Doyle as our leaders made it extra special. Their knowledge in photography is immense. They knew Venice well which made for a well organized trip. The photo shoots were first class because of their extensive experiences and connections. Ken and Renee knew the models well which added to the charm throughout the week. I recommend highly going on a photo workshop with Ken and Renee."

- Phyllis H.

"I highly recommend a workshop with Ken and Renee. Attending their 2017 Venice program, I was impressed by both of them as tour leaders and organizers, for their friendliness, helpfulness and willingness to share their experiences, tips and secrets to creating better images. Their established relationships with several of the exceptional models who attend each year meant our group had several very unique private and semi-private shoots pre-arranged in great locations (both indoors and outside) away from the massive tourist crowds. The small group size (10 photographers) was a great bonus, making it easy to interact with Ken and Renee whenever needed. I would happily attend again."

- Chris B.

"This tour was fantastic, very well organised, the accommodations were excellent and I learnt so much. Even about cloud formations!!!!! Both Ken and Renee are experts in their field. I would not hesitate in recommending any of Renee or Ken’s photo workshops to anyone that is considering attending one."

- Madonna A.