Fine Art Prints

I am proud to offer a range of limited-edition fine art print display options that represent the best available materials and craftsmanship. Each piece comes digitally signed (optional at no extra cost) with a certificate of authenticity. Display options include:

Lumachrome® Trulife® Acrylic Fine Art Prints (Rear Float Mount)

Exquisitely crafted luxury fine art prints of the highest quality available. These stunning acrylic prints minimize glare and are crafted using a proprietary process known for exceptional color, resolution, vibrancy, longevity, and an almost 3-dimensional quality. This best available print process is found in leading art galleries worldwide.

These unframed prints come ready-to-hang using a recessed float mount on the back, offering a clean, modern look.

Gallery Quality Lumachrome® Trulife® Acrylic Framed Fine Art Prints (Luxury Frames)

Pictured here are Gallery Quality Lumachrome® Trulife® Acrylic Framed Fine Art Prints. On the left, with optional larger 4-inch frame and 3-inch liner. On the right, the standard 2 3/4-inch frame and 2-inch liner. Both frames are in Dark Ash.

This is the ultimate display option. The same Lumachrome® Trulife® print quality, displayed in beautifully hand-crafted Italian ROMA frames with linen liners that give your art a rich, luxurious look. You simply cannot find a better display option anywhere. The frames are offered in 2 sizes and 3 styles, as seen below. Also see section below titled Framing and Display Sizes.

Top Row: 2 3/4 inch standard frames that come with 2-inch liners. Bottom Row: Optional 4-inch frames that come with 3-inch liners. Styles, Left to Right: Tobacco Leaf, Dark Ash, and Cigar Leaf.

ChromaLuxe® Dye Sublimated Metal Fine Art Prints (Rear Float Mount)

The ever popular ChromaLuxe® aluminum print with a rear float mount comes ready to hang.

ChromaLuxe® aluminum prints have become exceptionally popular due to their vibrant colors, resolution, and durability. These ready-to-hang displays are created by infusing ink onto a thin aluminum surface coated with a multi-layer polymer finish which is then heated at high temperature, resulting in a print panel that will add "pop" and vibrancy to any room.

ChromaLuxe® Dye Sublimated Metal Framed Fine Art Prints (Luxury Frames)

Pictured here is a ChromaLuxe® Dye Sublimated Metal Framed Fine Art Print with a Grand Shadow Frame constructed with a rich black brushed anodized aluminum finish.

The same ChromaLuxe® print quality, displayed in hand-crafted Italian frames. These beautiful frames are offered in four varieties, as pictured below. An inside float channel offsets the print by 3/4-inch for a stunning effect. Also see section below titled Framing and Display Sizes.

Frame options, left to right: Yosemite (wood), Aspen (wood), Tahiti (wood), and Grand Shadow (brushed aluminum).

Fine-Art Paper Prints (Unframed)

For those who prefer traditional displays or a more economical option, I offer my images on very high-quality fine-art paper. While less costly than the other options, these prints have vivid colors, sharp details, and high archival ratings meaning your print will retain its color and tone for decades. Each print comes rolled up with a white border around the image to allow for easier framing and matting. No frame or mat is included. You may notice that large sizes of paper prints are not available through my galleries. However, please contact me if you are interested in a larger size paper print.

Framing and Display Options

If you are purchasing Gallery Quality Lumachrome® Trulife® Acrylic Framed Fine Art Prints, please note that prints come with 2 ¾-inch wide frames and 2-inch liners. Please contact me beforehand if you would like 4-inch frames and 3-inch liners, which many people prefer for larger print sizes. To calculate your total display size for prints with 2 ¾-inch frames, add about 9 ½ inches to both the print size’s height and width. For 4-inch frames, add about 14 inches to both the print size’s height and width. This added framing creates a museum gallery feel with visual impact, drawing your viewer into the image.

If you are purchasing ChromaLuxe® Dye Sublimated Metal Framed Fine Art Prints, the frames add between 6 ½ and 7 ½ inches to the print size’s height and width (the frames vary in width slightly). For example, the total display size with frame for a 30 x 45 inch print is about 37 x 52 inches.

About Limited Editions

All Lumachrome® and ChromaLuxe® prints sized 20 inches and higher (short edge) are part of a limited edition run of 100 for each image, after which no more limited edition prints will be produced. Paper prints are open edition, as are all prints of any medium under 20 inches (short edge). Customers are given the option of having their print signed and, for limited edition prints, numbered. Additionally, a certificate of authenticity and edition number will be mailed separately.

How to Order

To review available print options, simply explore my GALLERIES. Click on individual images and use the pull-down boxes for information on available sizes, print options, and pricing. While I offer a wide variety of print sizes in my galleries, please contact me if you are interested in a larger size print or an alternative crop.

If you have chosen your specific frame style, you can specify that in a message during the check-out process. Otherwise, I will follow up with an email to finalize your order specifications.


Shipping is free to destinations in the United States and Canada. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you would like a print shipped outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact me for a quote and estimated delivery time before placing your order.