Photo Tours And Workshops: 2018 Venice Carnival Photography Workshop


FEBRUARY 3-9, 2018

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Venice is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. Each year, during the Carnival festival, Venice comes alive as amazing models in ornate masks and incredible costumes descend upon the city to be admired and photographed. I am very excited to be co-leading this workshop with Renee Doyle, whose masterful Venice Carnival composites are an inspiration to many photographers, including myself. Renee and I have some great connections with many of the best models which will allow our group to have opportunities for private shoots in some locations away from the crowds.

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The Venice Carnival Workshop will begin on Day 1 (February 3, 2018) with a group welcome dinner at 6:00 pm and end after an [optional] sunrise shoot and breakfast Day 7 (February 9, 2018). The Workshop is different than most tours in that there is no itinerary from the standpoint of Day 1, Day 2, etc. The weather changes, opportunities for private shoots arise, and our models often appear in specific areas throughout the week that are not planned long in advance. Although some shoots are pre-arranged long in advance, we will adjust our schedule in order to get the most out of our time there.

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Here is what we will be shooting:

* Private shoot with Carnival models in a palace ballroom and on an incredible grand staircase

* Private shoot with masked models in a gondola

* Carnival models that congregate in the plaza at dusk and sunrise... the best time of day in Venice and the least crowded

* Burano Island, a boat ride from the main island... a truly amazing place with rows of colorful houses, bridges and canals

* Other private shoots with Carnival models in select areas of Venice, away from the crowds

* City shots, windows and textures for stand-alone images and compositing

* Models in front of San Gorgio palace at sunset

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We will also lead sessions on:

* Effective use of off-camera flash

* Composition, including "breaking the rules"

* Basic Lightroom and Photoshop techniques

* Advanced post-processing techniques, including luminosity masking and adding textures (we will also provide post-processing PDF hand-outs to participants)

* Renee will be teaching techniques behind creating her composite images

* Ken will go over his portrait techniques and how they can be applied to the Venetian models for a unique look

* We will have the opportunity to do a group critique of images shot and processed during the trip


Although experience is an obvious advantage, this workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels. In fact, it is a great opportunity to learn! We have a low instructor-to-participant ratio and will do more than just get you to the right locations... we will assist you with composition and shooting, for those interested. At minimum, you will want to be familiar with your camera's and off-camera flash's controls.

You will want lenses in the wide-angle and portrait range. Additionally, equipment to trigger your flash off-camera is important for the morning and evening shooting. If you don't own a flash and trigger, talk to me. Bring your laptop with Photoshop, Lightroom or Bridge. Nik Filters will also be important for post-processing sessions. Bring enough memory cards... I suggest at least 100 gigs or more. Extra camera batteries are always a good idea. And, of course, bring a tripod.


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Making your air arrangements - The workshop begins at 6:00 pm on February 3, 2018 with a group welcome dinner. We have held hotel rooms for the night of February 2nd in case you would like to arrive a day early, but the night of February 2nd will be at your own expense. The workshop ends on February 9th after an optional sunrise shoot and breakfast in the morning. You can make your ongoing travel arrangements for any time on February 9th.


As you probably already know, you can't drive around Venice. So, we'll be walking a fair amount and taking the public water taxis. Some of the walking will be up and down stairs when crossing Venice's bridges. Additionally, the weather can be a bit chilly or cold in February, but usually not cold enough to snow.


We suggest you purchase emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation insurance for this trip.


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Operator - Ken Koskela Photography LLC

Instructors - Ken Koskela & Renee Doyle

Duration - 7 days, 6 nights

Maximum # Participants - 10

Price (Shared Room - *See Note Below) - USD 4,150

Single Room Supplement - USD 800

*Note on Shared Rooms - The hotel accommodates those wanting to share a room by putting two twin beds in the room. The beds can be adjacent or separated. However, because rooms in Venice are somewhat limited in space, the beds will need to be close together when separated.

Deposit - USD 1,000 and a completed registration form reserves your spot. Important - See "Tour Policies" (link below) for information on payments and refund policy.

Price Includes - Accommodations (sharing in double room unless single supplement paid), breakfasts at hotel, welcome dinner, farewell dinner, transport from/to airport by public bus and public water taxi, fees for arranged shoots, photo instruction & critiques. Note: If you prefer a private water taxi from/to the airport, we can arrange for an additional fee.

Price Does Not Include - Everything not noted as included, such as airfare to and from Venice, meals other than those noted above, alcohol, tips, passport and visa costs.

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After reviewing the tour info and policies, please fill out & sign the tour registration form and then contact me via the contact form. You can pay the deposit using using the button below (this is only the deposit amount) or you can mail me a check if you prefer.